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Rock the Yacht: Midnight Yacht Party Aboard the Spirit of Chicago Yacht

Rock the Yacht: Midnight Yacht Party Aboard the Spirit of Chicago Yacht

Still have that 4th of July energy after all the fireworks and festivities? So do we! So much of it that, we’re throwing a super dope Independence weekend party cruise. You down to party with us this weekend on The Lake? Great! Then head to Navy Pier cause the Rock The Yacht: Midnight Yacht Party is looking to be one of the best Chicago cruise events of the summer!

One Of The Best Chicago Cruise Events Of The Season

Picture this; it’s Friday on a gorgeous summer night in Chicago, The Loop is lively, The Lake is looking gorgeous, and you’re on a Yacht basking in all this beauty with a drink in your hand, good music playing, and everyone's having a good time. Sounds like fun? Well that’s what you’ll expect on this Midnight cruise.

You’ll be aboard The Spirit of Chicago Yacht. A magnificent vessel with 3 indoor floors, and an observation deck where you’ll get premium views Grant Park, the AON center, and rest of that famous Chicago skyline. Let that cool summer midnight breeze take you away as the good vibes sink in, and lose yourself to the groove.

Speaking of groove. Grab a drink at one the bars located on the ship, and bust out a couple moves on the dance floor. Our live DJ will ensure a night of chill vibes playing the hottest tracks in Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, and Top 40 hits.

Okay so now that you know what's going on…

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Friday July 6th

Boarding 11:59PM
Departing 1:00AM
Returning 3:00AM

Age Requirement: 21+

July 6th, 2018 @ 11:45pm
Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Serenity Yacht

Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Serenity Yacht

After months of cold weather, we're greeted by the warm breeze of summer. But this season is a lot more about the entertainment than it is about the weather. New York City's known to put on some epic events during the summer. Some taking place at the most sought after nightclubs in the Manhattan, others at chic lounges on hotel rooftops. But alternative events are where it's at. Rather than keeping the party on land, this year we're taking it to the water aboard the Serenity Yacht.

The same entertainment that you'd get at any run of the mill nightlife venue in Manhattan, you'll get on the Serenity Yacht. Featuring a live DJ that will be serving up music throughout the voyage, an open bar for all of the adults, and a full buffet to satisfy all of the hunger on board, this family friendly event has something for everyone in the family. Best part is, you'll have the best possible view of the world famous Macy's Fireworks show! A majority of New Yorkers spend far too much time trying to coordinate where the best area of the city is to get a great view of the show. But it's a little difficult with the crowd flocking there as well.

Here's your chance to board a gorgeous yacht, enjoy the entertainment on board, and get that view that everyone hopes to have on this night.

Boarding: 6:00pm
Departing: 7:00pm
Returning: 10:30pm


Buffet Menu:
Summer Slaw Salad- Vegetarian
All American Potato Salad- Vegetarian
BBQ Chicken Breast
Baked Beans
Mac and Cheese
BBQ Brisket
Baked Cod
All American Dessert
Brownies, Cookies
Sliced Watermelon
Fresh Brewed Coffee & Tea

July 4th, 2018 @ 6:00pm
The 4th Annual Freedom Fest 2018
July 4th, 2018 @ 6:15pm